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facetime for android

What’s FaceTime?

FaceTime is one of the most common communication services apps for Apple users. If you have a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone, then the application has already been installed on your device. You start the application, enter your login and password, and then start using it.

How to get FaceTime on Android

Have you wanted FaceTime for Android so you can make free video calls?
Hate to break it to you but…

However, FaceTime is only available to users of Apple / iOS. It doesn’t exist in the Android play store. But if you shift to an Android device or already using it, then you’re not able to use FaceTime.

So in this blog, I’ll present some of the alternatives on the market for FaceTime that you can use on your Android app. They ‘re all free and they’ve got millions of downloads.

1. Google Hangouts

Google Hangout App (FaceTime Alternative)
Google Hangout (FaceTime Alternative)

If there is one application that we can strongly recommend as an alternative to FaceTime for Android, it’s going to be Google’s Hangout. Google’s Hangout app will turn any conversation into a free video call with just one tap. You can either talk one-on-one or invite friends to a group call with up to 10 people.

You can also download and install it easily from the Google Play store.

2. Google Duo

Video Chat
Video Chat

By default, you can basically enjoy a FaceTime-like functionality on your Android smartphone. Especially those models that are up-to-date and operate on the latest Android operating system.

Simply put, if you’re still using an android phone running on versions 8 and above, your best bet to enjoy FaceTime-like features is to install apps that have the same or similar functionality.

On the other hand, you can instantly enjoy a similar FaceTime feature with your mobile device running on Google Duo’s latest Android versions.

3. Whatsapp Messenger

WhatsApp alternative

Whatsapp is among the most widely used messengers in the world and a great alternative to FaceTime and is totally free to use. You could use Whatsapp to send instant messages, share photos, videos, documents, and also you can make voice and video calls like FaceTime.

You’ll need to verify your phone number after downloading WhatsApp (for Android). You will receive a 6-digit authentication code to your phone after entering your number, so you can start using WhatsApp once you have entered it.

4. Skype

Skype video call
Video call app

Skype is one of the great alternatives to FaceTime. Niklas Zennström, he is the one who founded skype. Skype is a part of Microsoft that was founded in 2003. Unlike WhatsApp and FaceTime, Skype helps users to send instant messages, make video/audio calls, and more. It is also supported on Android and iOS devices, tablets, and desktops.

You need to get a Skype account after downloading Skype if you don’t have it yet, then you can sign-in by entering your Skype username/email and password, and start using Skype.

It’s best to try to check different alternatives for FaceTime and find the one that’s perfect for you.

So, what do you think about FaceTime for Android?

If you have any related questions, suggestions, and comments, do let us know in the comment section below!


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