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Android is a very popular operating system and in the present day, this operating system is becoming very popular, nowadays most people use Android phones because all the developers who make the app are making most of the Android App. Therefore, the number of Android users is the highest in the whole world, everyone wants to make Android apps for their blog, website, and business.

By the way, to make Android apps you need some programming language like Java if you have knowledge of Java language to make Android App, then you can make Android apps very easily but if you do not have any programming language skill or if you do not have any information about it, then how can you make Android apps for your website, blog, so in today’s post, I will tell you how you can create an android app for free for your website or your blog, without programming language and without any technical skills.

How to make Android App

To create the Android app, first of all, you must have a computer or laptop and your computer should have an internet connection because in this post we will teach you to make Android App online, in which you do not need any programming language nor any technical skills.

1. Open the Appsgeyser website: First of all, you should open the website in your computer’s browser, this website is very popular and free and then click on Create Now.


2. Now select categories: Now you have to choose the category for your Android App, what kind of Android apps you want to create. For example, if you want to create an Android app for your website, then you have to select the website, then in this post, I will show you by creating an Android App for the website.

select website

3. Now enter the URL of the website: After choosing the category for your Android app, you have to enter the URL of your blog or website and then click on Next and then enter the name of the app and then enter the description about your app and then enter the icon for your Android App.

enter website url

4. Click on Create: After entering all the details, now you will see the option of Create, then you have to click on Create.

click on create

5. Now enter the Email id and your new password: As soon as you click on Create, now you have to enter your email ID and enter the password you want to enter or you can also signup it with Facebook ID or Google ID, after that you have to click on sign up. After this, you have to verify your email id then for that, you will get an email, click on that link and verify. After that, you can download the Android app.

new singup

Summary :
So in this way you can create Android App for your website, blog or business for free, without any programming language, so this method is the easiest and best, you just have to go to the and to select the category for your Android app, after that you have to enter the required details, then click on the signup, then you have to verify your email ID, after that you can monitor download and monetize your Android app.


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