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In the era of the Internet, everything has gone digital nowadays. There was a time when we used to use postmen, posters to send letters or letters, which used to take a lot of time, but in today’s era, technology has progressed so much that you are home. Bethe can send emails to anyone in one click, but for that you must have an email ID.

So in today’s post, we will learn all about what is email and how to create an email ID, because in today’s time you can go wherever you are for a job, whether it is for work or online work or sending money almost. You ask for email id in everything related to the internet, so you must have an email id.

To create a free email ID, you will get a lot of websites where you can create an email for free, some of these popular websites are, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. Most people use these websites for free email IDs, but today I will tell you about the most popular email service providing a website, Gmail id, so let’s first know what email is and how to create email id with Gmail.

What is Email?

Before creating an email ID, it is juridical to know what an email is: Email means electronic mail, with the help of internet medium, from one place to another, message or any other Sending any kind of data is called email.

Just like when the internet was not born, we used to write a letter to send a letter or message. After that, we had to go to this post in the post and write the name and address of the sender and the person to whom it is to be sent. After that, something is processed, then the postman has to send those letters where he asks. All these take a lot of time.

But since the internet was born, since then it has become very easy if you want to talk to someone or someone else, then you can easily do it with the help of email ID, just email someone on the internet to send, you must have the email id of that person, just then with the help of the internet you can write or receive a letter with ease, so it is very important to have an email id in today’s memory, so let’s learn now How can you create a free email id in your name.

How to create an email id using Gmail

1. First of all, you should open the site:

First of all, you have to go to the browser of your computer or laptop where you run the internet, type in the above URL and then open the website by pressing the inter and after opening the website, It will look like the photo as shown below.

2. Click on Create Account:

As soon as you open the Gmail dotcom website, then you have to click on Create Account under Next.

3. Now fill the details name password etc.

As soon as you click on Create Account, you will open a form in front of which you have to enter your name password, after which you have to choose the email id but remember that the email id should be completely different or else it will show you a message is taken. try again, so you have to enter the unique email id i.e. after that separate password, etc. each one of the details is given below how to fill the form

Name : Inside the name box, you have to enter your name, first name in the first box and Last name in the other box.

Choose your username: Here you’ve got to enter your user name, and this user name will be your email id, it should be unique, a bit like your mobile number is unique, in the same way, your username should be different, for example: if your name is catching and how is your head name Why should you put something like captaintechno4u inside the user name or captaintechno123, etc. because it will be your email id like your captaintechno4u username, then your email id.

Create your password: Here you have to enter your password, this is a very important and important thing, only with the help of this password you can open or read the email or send it, I will ask you to keep such a password and remember it. Do not tell anyone or someone otherwise your account may be hacked.

Confirm your password : In this box, you have to re-enter the same password that was inserted in the Create a Password.

Birthday: Here you have to put your birthday on the date, if you do not remember the date of the birthday, then you can pulp anything, Google does not check

Gender : In this, you have to click on male and if you are a boy, if you are a girl, then click on female and if you fall into any other category, select the other.

Mobile phone: In this box, you have to enter your phone number which phone number you use, remember that you have to enter the correct phone number, because if you forget your Gmail id password later, you can easily change the password with the help of phone number.

Recovery email address: In this box, you have to enter your old email id, if you have it, this is why if you forget your password later, you can recover it with the help of this email id if you do not have it Can also be left blank

Fill Details 1
Fill details 2

Fill all the details mentioned above and check them again, because the information is very important, after filling all these details, click on Next.

4. Verifying your phone number :

Now you have click on send button to get your Google verification code.


After clicking then you will receive code on your mobile to make sure that this number is yours, Google will send you a text message with a 6-digit verification code.

verify-phone2 (

5. Now click on i-agree :

As soon as you click on agree then a pop up window will open in which the message of privacy and terms will show, then you scroll down.


6. Click on : Welcome

Now your email id has been completed, you will get a message from Welcome show, after that you have to click on Continue to gmail, just your Gmail ID has been created.

As soon as you click on Welcome to Gmail, after that you will see your Gmail account in front of which you can send and receive an email, so how easily you can create an email id.


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