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recover deleted files

Most people use their important documents in their computer laptops, such as photos, videos, videos, important files such as Word files, PowerPoint files, hard drives of their computers or laptop systems. ), We store it in such a way that sometimes our important documents are deleted by mistake or if someone comes and accidentally deletes our data, then we wonder how we can recover the deleted data.

Or many people store their photos, photos, and documents in their mobile memory card, Pendrive, or external hard disk storage, and store the data. Our storage device ie memory card hard disk pen drive gets corrupted.

So we have to kill this format, then we think how we can recover Delete Photo, Delete Video, Delete Documents, otherwise, you can do a lot of things on the Internet You will find ways to easily delete data recovery.

But you will get the most paid software that you have to pay to use, but today we will tell you about the free method i.e. free software, with the help of which you can recover the deleted data for free, that is, you can bring back the deleted photo. You can recover the following items with the help of this software.

How to recover deleted data from hard disk, pen drive, and memory card

1. Download and Install EaseUS software

  • Click on download for software
  • Install software
  • Open the software

First of all, you have to click on download to download the EaseUS software, this software is free and with the help of it you can easily recover deleted data, after downloading you have to install it and then open the software.

EaseUS data recovery

2. Select the file type and click on Next

  • After opening the software, click on Drive.
  • Select the Drive to Recover Files.
Select drive

3. Now select files and click on recovery

  • Now tick the files you want to recover
  • Now click on recover
  • Now select folder to save the recovered data
  • Then click on ok
Recover data

4. Now select the file location and click on Next

  • Click on a specific location
  • click browse
  • Now select the device from which to recover data
  • Now click on next
click ok to recover data

As soon as the deep scan process is complete, after this, now you have to recover any files, photo video documents, tick it or you can select all the data if you want, after selecting the data, click on Recover now after that you will Save the data, whatever you have recovered, remember that the drive from which you are recovering the data will not be saved, so select a different drive, then after selecting the drive, click OK and your deleted data will be recovered.

So in this way you can easily recover any kind of deleted data for free with the help of this best free data recovery software whether it is on any laptop computer or external storage device such as pen drive, hard disk, or SD card Yes, you can easily retrieve deleted data.


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