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Web hosting and it's types

When we create a blog or website on the Internet, we should have two things. First is the domain and secondly web hosting, without these two, you cannot create a website or blog on the Internet. What is the domain? You must know, if you do not know, then you must read this post, it is very important for you, What is a domain? Where should you buy a domain, because choosing the right domain provider is as important as choosing the right web hosting?

Buying web hosting is not a big deal, everyone can buy it, you will get web hosting between 5 to 7 thousand, but before buying the hosting you need to know about it because there are many types of it. And it is very important to know about hosting before buying. Where the bloggers who do not know they directly buy a costly hosting, they think that all web hosting is the same.

What is Web Hosting?

There is a need for a space on the Internet for your blog or website, which we call web hosting in the language of the Internet. When we buy hosting on the Internet, we get a space on the Internet where our blog or website remains active, and whatever name we give to this place by which people see our website or blog, we call it Domain.

Let us understand this with an example, you need a place or plot to live on the earth, in the same way, your blog also needs a place on the internet, which we call web hosting, within this all our posts, photos, files, videos, etc. are saved and it remains active for 24 hours so that our blog is always online, now the places that provide us are called web hosting company.

How many types of Web Hosting

You have learned about what web hosting is, now it is also necessary to know how many types of web hosting are available, although there are many types of web hosting, for example- Shared hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Server), Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Let’s know about them one by one.

1. Shared Web Hosting

Shared hosting means to share the hosting, in which there is a server in which a lot of websites are together and all these websites share this hosting, the way we live together with our friends in a room and its Shared Hosting also works in the same way in which there is a server where there are thousands of websites and every website gives its own rent to the web hosting company. This hosting has many advantages and disadvantages. Let’s get to know them.

shared hosting

Advantage of Shared Web Hosting

  • The first advantage is that this hosting is very cheap.
  • Best hosting for the new blogger

Disadvantage of Shared Web Hosting

  • If your website becomes popular, then this hosting slows down the speed of your website.
  • Cannot handle high traffic, so it is considered good for new bloggers because a new blog has less traffic, you can change the shared hosting later when your blog or website gets more traffic.

2. Virtual Private Server Hosting

We also call Virtual Private Server Hosting as VPS Hosting, in a building where there are many rooms and if you live in a room, then it is only your right in that room, no one else can live in it. VPS hosting is also similar in which a server is divided into different parts and in the part which is your website or blog, there cannot be any other website in that part, it means that it is your private server, it should be used by one of your servers, you won’t need to share with anyone.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • This hosting is very secure.
  • Gives a good performance.
  • VPS Hosting can handle more traffic than shared hosting.

Drawback of VPS Hosting

  • It is slightly more expensive then shared hosting

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

In this hosting, you have a complete server in which only you have the right, for example, as if you have bought a new house, in which only you have the right, that is, the whole building is yours. You will not have anyone else, in the same way, in this hosting, you have your own separate server, which will contain only files, photos, and videos of your website.

Benefits of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • In this hosting, the biggest advantage is that it can handle high traffic.
  • This hosting is extremely secure.
  • This hosting gives high performance.

Drawback of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • This hosting is very expensive.

4. Cloud Web Hosting

This is considered to be the most trustworthy because it has a lot of servers at the same time. Just like a cloud, It’s benefits are that the down of the website is very low, and high traffic can be handled easily.

Cloud hosting

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • There are fewer chances of a server down
  • Handles high traffic very easily

Drawbacks of Cloud Hosting

  • The disadvantage is that the cloud does not give root access to the website
  • This hosting is also a little expensive.

Now that you know what web hosting is and what type of web hosting is, after this you are thinking of buying hosting, then a post on Where to buy web hosting. By reading this, you will know where to buy web hosting and why to buy it. Stay tuned for more updates.


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