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What is Website Security?

Website security is the action taken to protect a website from cyber threats. In this respect, website security is to prevent the exploitation of websites in any way. Website security is important to protect the website data from hackers or cybercriminals.

How to Protect & Secure Your Website

Website security can be confusing (or even complex) topic is an ongoing process and an important part of managing a website. You have made or launched your website and done all securities to ensure its success. But, you have ignored a critical component that is website security. If cybercriminals attack your website it can cause costly clean-up, damage your website reputation, and discourage visitors from coming back.

There are some basics tips to secure your website:

  1. Use Automatic Backups
  2. Update Everything
  3. Have Strong Passwords
  4. Limit User Access & Permissions
  5. One Site = One Hosting Server
  6. Change the Default CMS Settings
  7. Extension Selection
  8. Server Configuration Files
  9. Install an SSL Certificate
  10. Get a Website Firewall

What are bots?

How many people know about what is a bot? but the name “bots” is a nickname for internet robots. Nowadays there are known as Malware, spider, web bot, and crawlers. But these days bots are used for various purposes. Put simply, a bot is an application or software that can complete a specific automated activity. Some of the world’s biggest organizations such as H&M and Amazon are using bots to enhance user experience.

Even so, hackers have realized the potential of bots a long time ago and started using them for their own malicious purposes. Bots are used to get overall control over a computer. There are some other types of bots active on the Internet, both good or malicious.

Good Bots:

Good bots are used to gather information and are called web crawlers. Bots can also be used for automatic interaction with instant relay chat and instant messaging or web interfaces. Bots are also used for good purposes, such as dynamic web communication.

Malicious Bots:

Malware bots are used to get overall control over a computer. Bots are generally used to infect large numbers of computers. These computers generate a “botnet,” or a computer virus. Malicious bots have been defined as self-propagating malware that can infect your host and redirect to a central server. A botnet, sever operates as “control center and command”, or a network of infected systems and similar devices.

warning-malware bots

Several common examples are given below:

  • Scraper Bots
  • Spam Bots
  • Download Bots
  • Ticketing Bots
  • Spider Bots
  • Social Media Bots
  • Malware

How to Protect Your System from Malicious Bots

There are a few basic steps you can take to at least block some bots and reduce your exposure to malicious bots:

Place robots.txt in the root of your website. 
Add CAPTCHA on sign-up, comment, or download forms.
Setup of JavaScript alert to get notified of bot traffic.
Install firewalls to block malicious bots attacks.
Enable your popup blocker.


Without using Antivirus software, bots are very difficult to detect, since they are designed to hide in plain sight. To detect any hidden bots in time, it is recommended that you use scanning software to scan your devices at least once a month. Make sure the security measures are implemented to avoid cyber-attacks from happening in the first place!


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