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domain name and types

To identify your website or blog on the Internet, you should have a name that we call domain name. This domain name identifies your website in the same way the people know you by your name. It is necessary to have a name for the identity of the website, which we call a domain name, now people do not know very much that what is a domain. What are the types of domains? What is the difference between top-level domain and second-level domain, what is a third-level domain, so today in this post we will read about these things step by step?

What is a Domain Name

A domain is a name that is the identity of our website or in the language of the Internet, if a domain is an address, only with the help of this address people will be able to recognize your website and can see your website.

You must have seen some of these types of .com, .in, .net, .co, in front of the name of the blog and website, in such a way, if you do not know the meaning of all these, then it is very important to know, then come let’s understand this one by one.

Domain Name Level Types:

Top Level Domain

The Top-Level Domain name has more value Google search engine and other search engines that give more priority to the top-level domain. Each domain name ends with a top-level domain name like captaintechno.in and .in is a country-code top-level domain name for examples such as:

  • .Com ( Commercial sites )
  • .Org ( Organization sites )
  • .Edu ( Education sites )
  • .Gov ( Government sites )
  • .info ( Information sites )
  • .Net ( Network sites)

Country Code Top Level Domains (CcTLD)

The country code top-level domain is also the top-level domain of spring, all that matters is that if you buy the domain of this level, then anyone can see which country your website belongs to and choose the country code level domains where your target should be a specific country, that is, if you want any user you get from India, then you can buy a .in domain eg:

  • .in (India)
  • .us ( United States )
  • .uk ( United Kingdom )
  • .br (Brazil)

Second Level Domains

The second-level domain is taken before the top-level domain. This is the name of a string like CaptainTechno is the second-level domain in capataintechno.in and .in is the top-level domain.

top and second level domain

Third level Domains

The third-level domain comes before the second-level domain we also call it subdomain. You can create subdomains for free, so you do not need to buy anything. If you have a domain, you can easily create a subdomain like hindi.captaintechno.in, and hindi is a subdomain.

third level domain

Now you know what the domain name is and domain name types. Now after that you need to know a lot about web hosting, then you can read these posts for it, What is web hosting? and different types of service? If you want to ask us anything, then you can ask by commenting below.


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