What is Internet of Things (IoT) and how does it work?

iot-internet of things

What is IOT

Internet of Things (IoT) is basically a network where physical devices and objects like vehicles are connected to the internet and other connected devices. These physical devices which are connected internally share their data and also collects more data from sources. And this thing is embedded with software, sensors, actuators, etc for efficiency in work and decreases the human workload. These Embedded technologies in object or IoT device helps them to perform their tasks. Almost every physical device can be converted into IoT if it can use the internet and controlled that way. Let’s explore the examples of this.

The Internet of Things or IoT is influencing our lifestyle from the way we react to the way we behave. From the air conditioners which you can control with your mobile phone to the Smart Cars that provide the fastest way or the Smartwatch that records your daily activities.

How does Internet of things ( IoT ) work

IoT is a giant network with connected devices. These devices collect and share data on how they have used and the environment in which they operate. It’s all done with sensors, the sensors are installed in any physical device. It might be your cell phone, electrical equipment, Pecos barcode sensors traffic lights, and almost everything that you come across in day-to-day life.

These sensors continuously emit data about the working state of the devices, but the important question is how do they share this huge amount of data, And how do we put this data to our benefit. IoT provides a platform for all of these devices to dump their data. And a common language for all the devices to communicate with each other. Data is emitted from various sensors and sent to the IoT platform security. IoT platform integrates the collected data from various sources further analytics is performed on the data and valuable information is extracted as per requirement.

Finally, The result is shared with other devices for better user experience Automation and improving efficiencies. Let us look at a scenario where it is doing wonders.

1. Smart Homes

Do you want to turn on your air conditioning before you walk in the door of your home? Or do you want someone to switch off lights if you forget? Or do you want to perform any other task in your home with just a snap of your finger? With smart homes, you can do all these things using IoT.


2. Cars

How cars can be improved with IoT? When IoT is combined with cars, manufacturer of a car can improve their customer service by just placing a device in the car which is connected to the internet and it collects all information about car’s condition like pressure or does your car need any kind of maintenance and report back So, you don’t have to watch for your car’s condition. And also you can track your car with that device. Pretty cool


3. Wearable Technology

Highly demanded in the whole world. Sensors and software on wearable devices collect data about the user. And helps users to track activity. It can be for fitness or health. Tech giants are really interested in these things and building such amazing devices. And who knows maybe you are wearing one of these things and you don’t even know that it IoT based.


There are endless possibilities of IoT from controlling the lamp of your house to controlling the whole factory And one more thing there’s also a smart toothbrush if you want good brushing habits for your kids or maybe for you If you will talk about the market of IoT there will be around 30 billion devices in 2021. Isn’t that amazing.


At the end of the day, IoT improves efficiency and productivity. So, how these devices work. These devices are connected using Bluetooth or wifi or any other wireless medium. Then they collect data, a process that data on the basis of your need and performs a task.


So, IoT based objects or devices observes and understand a situation and perform a given task without human help. If we take an example of smart homes, then these IoT devices will check if there’s anyone inside a home or not? If sensors attached to them detect no human activity or presence then they perform a certain task in these case light and any other unnecessary things will be switched off. So, I hope now you know how IoT works.


This is just one of a million scenarios. We have smart appliances, smart cars, Smart Homes, Smart Cities where it is redefining our lifestyle and transforming the way we interact with Technologies. The future of the IoT industry is huge.

Business Insider Intelligence estimates that 24 billion IoT devices will be installed by 2021 and ITC predicts that IoT Revenue will reach around three hundred and fifty-seven billion in 2020 resulting in a lot of job opportunities in the IT industry.


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